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Satellite Sanitrax mobile vacuum toilet, sink, urinal, and Tech Modules were designed to improve hygiene, enhance the user experience, reduce shipping costs, and provide a modular, sustainable solution for all mobile restroom needs.

The heart of the Satellite Sanitrax system is the vacuum pump system. All modules are linked via hoses to the central Tech Module that can be located away from the toilets and ancillary modules. After vacuuming all waste to the central Tech Module, the pump macerates all of the waste and then pumps it to a sanitary sewer or holding tank that can be located up to 200 meters away. This creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety because there is never a big smelly service truck in front of the modules. From the toilet bowl, through hoses, through the pump, through the discharge hose into the sewer is a closed system.


All modules are designed on a durable collapsible galvanised steel frame for efficient transportation, set up and take down. Satellite Sanitrax modules takes up less space (44%) than a traditional plastic, chemical toilets and typical “toilet trailers’’. When collapsed, up to 26 modules (example 78 toilets) can fit per truck. This is a tremendous improvement (66%) over a typical “toilet trailer” or ‘’plastic chemical toilet’’ which would have far less facilities per load. After offloading, each module takes only a minute to raise into show-ready configuration.

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Satellite Sanitrax Division
Product Line-UP

Sanitrax Toilet Module

Sanitrax Toilet

Sanitrax toilets are the worlds first on land modular restrooms powered by vacuum-technology. Each module contains three full size flushable toilets with LED lights and infrared sensors to track the number of uses. Sanitrax toilets are great for medium to large events, humanitarian aid programs, military missions, and construction sites. One operator can transport up to 26 modules or 78 toilets on a 53' trailer and deploy the whole fleet quickly on their own. The ability to set up fast and pump waste away using vacuum-technology will cut your operating costs significantly. On average operators see up to 90% savings on water and venues see an increase of 40% on food and beverage sales. That's a WIN-WIN!

  • Easy and cheap to transport, quick to deploy and scale.
  • Enormous water savings due to unique flushing technology.
  • Savings on operational costs (no need for pumping each toilet by service trucks.
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Sanitrax Urinal Module

Sanitrax Urinal

A very functional and easy-to-use urinal. The module can be used on two sides. Optional privacy sheets are available to increase users’ privacy. The urinals are equipped with LED lighting and use unique automatic flushing technology to keep the urinals fresh and clean with minimal water use. This represents enormous cost savings and is extremely environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the attractive design and luxurious finish really stand out. The combination of all these factors makes the Sanitrax Urinal Module the most complete solution on the market.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Customizable and expandable due to modularity.
  • Quick to deploy and easy to transport.
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Sanitrax Washbasin Module

Sanitrax Washbasin

Satellite took the end-users needs in mind when designing the Sanitrax Washbasin. Equipped with eight taps, four on each side, a full-width stainless steel mirror, integrated soap, and hand towel dispensers, provides end-users with a full day worth of service. Four built in wastebaskets assure used hand towels can be disposed of with ease keeping the Washbasin looking clean and welcoming.

The washbasins also come with water-saving taps and LED lighting. The combination of all these factors makes the Sanitrax Washbasin Module the most complete solution on the market.

  • Unique combination of appealing design and sturdy construction.
  • Water-saving taps.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
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Sanitrax Tech Module

Sanitrax Tech Module

The Tech Module is equipped with vacuum pumps which run autonomously. Sensors measure the vacuum levels in the waste piping system of all connected toilets and Sanitrax designed electronics fully operated the system. The Tech Module replaces the old fashioned pump truck which involved a lot of manual labour to empty the portapotties.

Besides transporting the waste water away from the toilets the Tech Module also is equipped with a professional water booster system which provides the connected toilets of fresh water to make them all flush nicely.

Flushing with fresh water! Vacuuming all the waste and most of the odours out of the toilet stall resulting in a very hygienic toilet system!

To be of even further help, the Tech Module is connected to our servers which provide a lot of useful data to our APP which can be used by you to check the status of the system and even remotely solve potential issues!

  • Remotely monitored by our APP.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • No specific installation tools necessary.
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Satellite Nomad Module

Nomad powered by Jets

Jets™ NOMAD is a scalable system consisting of five units designed to be combined to your specific need at any site - anywhere. The modular concept makes installation quick and easy; this low maintenance system can be serviced without special tools. Each unit is based on standard pallet sizes for safe and efficient transport. The integrated communication system continuously monitors and logs performance during operation, ensuring control and peace of mind.

  • Water is distributed by the category 5 protected water supply unit.
  • Sewage is filtered through the Catcher to remove foreign objects.
  • A Duo-Vacuumarator™ pump station powers the process.
  • A Transfer Unit forwards all sewage to the end-discharge point.
  • The Flow Control vents and gravity-feeds the sewage line.


Each module has its own sanitary composition and technical specifications specially designed for each market segment in which Sanitrax is active (industry, humanitarian aid, events, military).

Smart Sustainable Sanitary Solutions

Sanitrax stands for Smart Sustainable Sanitary Solutions. Smart and sustainable sanitary solutions for large groups of users. Easy to transport, quick and easy to set up, sustainable and easy to expand.

How Can Satellite Sanitrax Help You Make a Difference?

Satellite Sanitrax is a forerunner in providing on land vacuum-technology solutions for the portable sanitation industry. If you have concerns about the hygiene and health of your customers and visitors, Satellite Sanitrax can help your company excel in whatever event, venue, or project you are operating. Check out our selection of portable handwashing stations, sinks, and even water heaters. Your attention to the needs of your clients and customers makes all the difference.

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