Todd Hilde

Todd Hilde

John Babcock

John Babcock

Georges Köller

Georges Köller

Managing Director EMEA
Michael Badenberg-Mattern

Michael Badenberg-Mattern

Supply Chain Manager EMEA
Inge Berger

Inge Berger

Customer Service Manager EMEA
Silvia Carrasà

Silvia Carrasà

Sales Manager EMEA
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Béatrice Niyibigira

Office Manager EMEA
Marcel Bikker

Marcel Bikker

Vice President, Vacuum Technology Division



Values & Principles

Satellite is committed to providing customers with high quality products and services at reasonable prices, never taking unfair advantage of the customer. Toward that aim, the global Satellite team strives to be a constantly progressive, honest, ethical, legal, disciplined, balanced and respectful organization. Satellite promotes a corporate culture that encourages innovation and respect for individuals, society and the environment.




As a customer, you have the widest variety of quality products and services to select from when building your business. More importantly, you have personal support from an Area Manager, deodorizer specialist and internal customer service representative who work with you on product selection to ensure your complete satisfaction with quality and delivery.

Other benefits include:

  • Best available warranty on all products
  • Training programs
  • Truck sales and support
  • Safe-T-Fresh ROI Rewards Program


Product Development

Processes & Testing

We understand that products will suffer abuse from use, during transport, in the yard and by exposure to natural elements. Since 1978, when Satellite first manufactured a polyethylene restroom, Satellite has tried many forms of plastic manufacturing and product testing. The result is an extensive understanding of the limits manufacturing processes and raw materials may have on the life expectancy or performance of a product. Satellite has a tradition of improving the process or materials in order to achieve high quality, which customers expect from Satellite.

Listed below are the various processes we use to manufacture portable restrooms and related products as well as the battery of tests used to ensure durability, safety and long life.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Blow molding
  • Vacuum forming
  • Rotational molding
  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Metal fabrication

Overall Testing

  • Competitive comparison- we regularly buy and test competitor’s products to understand how we compare and to stay ahead in design and quality
  • Close monitoring of tool construction using digital pictures & visits
  • Computerized strength analysis
  • Full documentation of all parts and ECO process
  • Full scale modeling capability
  • Plastic fabrication and welding
  • CNC machined models of critical areas

Operations Testing

Transport Testing

  • Road test
  • Strapping tests
  • Shaker test
  • Runner pull off
  • Forklift testing
  • Hand loading weight, balance and grab points
  • High rise lift testing
  • Drag tests
  • Snow load testing
  • Temperature testing to simulate high temperature conditions
  • Rain testing
  • Freeze in testing

Loading/ Unloading Tests

  • Loading testing onto trucks, trailers
  • Drop testing (2,3’ and 4’ heights repeatedly)

Cleaning Tests

  • Timed unit cleaning
  • Tip over cleaning
  • Test toilets at Satellite

Moving Part Cycle Testing

  • Door system cycle testing with door banger to 150,000 cycles minimum
  • Door latch system cycle testing
  • Cycle testing of toilet seats, pumps

Abuse Testing

  • Impact testing at 120, 70 and -20 degrees F with soft hammer, hockey stick and aluminum baseball bat
  • Knife Cut testing
  • Golf cleat test
  • Capacity and dimensional measurements
  • Ultraviolet Inhibitor (UVI) testing for life and verification
  • Light level and opacity testing
  • Safety testing
  • Floor skid resistance
  • Sharp corners
  • Pinch points
  • Failure analysis- if something fails, will it be hazardous?
  • Color fading testing
  • Field testing

Overall, Satellite products are considered to be the highest quality in the industry. To ensure complete customer satisfaction we offer the only written 10 year prorated warranty on all standard portable restrooms and a 4 year warranty on wheelchair accessible portable restrooms. While we care about product quality and durability, we care most about customer satisfaction.



Support & Training

Satellite support is local, provided by highly experienced, regional Area Managers and backed by a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives. All Area Managers are past owners of a portable restroom company or have served as a manager of a large portable restroom operation. This tradition of hiring individuals with hands-on experience has taught us the best practices used by many successful operations which we incorporate into our training and lead to the development of new product and product improvements.

Each year Satellite offers training sessions at the PSAI convention and the Pumper Show for a very reasonable fee. This training covers topics such as route planning, general truck maintenance, using deodorizers properly, selling and how to market your business. This is information gathered over 50+ years Satellite has been in business. It has proven results and is highly informative. This is what you can expect to learn from this training session:

  • Boost marketing and sales of your portable restroom services
  • Improve day-to-day operations through step-by-step methods
  • Learn how to measure productivity and profits
  • Develop or enhance employee training programs

We appreciate hearing from our customers or those interested in our products. If you have need of further information about Satellite and its product and services, please contact your Area Manager or call Satellite at 888-556-4067.



Satellite Companies & Associations

Satellite Industries

Satellite Industries is one of the leading innovators in the portable sanitation industry. For over 50 years Satellite has been advance engineering their portable toilets, service units, toilet trailers, and deodorizers to be stronger, last longer, and most importantly, be user friendly. Satellite has expanded its reach over the years to become a global leader in the portable sanitation industry.


Safe-T-Fresh has recently released a new line of advanced engineered deodorizers that last longer, smell better, and mask the color of the grey water with its deep blue dye. Safe-T-Fresh’s chemist has taken advanced engineering to a new level. Our deodorizers don't just mask the smell. They bond with the malodor making it completely encapsulated leaving the restroom smelling fresh after every use.

Visit Safe-T-Fresh


A work truck should be designed for ease-of-use, and that is the thought process behind every truck that comes off the TruckXpress line. Our team of well trained mechanics build trucks so they create less wear and tear on operators. Specifically placed tools, and cabinets help decrease the amount of time each operator has to spend servicing the restroom. Which puts more money back in your pocket!

Visit TruckXpress

Satellite Suites

Satellite Suites was introduced by Satellite Industries in 2014. Since its introduction to the portable restroom trailer industry Satellite Suites has become the leading trailer on the market. The many advantages of a Satellite Suites trailer can only be appreciated by comparing our models with the competition - item by item, feature by feature. The use of none wood materials in building the structure eliminates the chance of structural rot and our polyethylene waste tank is easier to clean, upkeep and simply lasts longer.

Visit Satellite Suites


VacuumXpress is new to the Satellite family. Since our TruckXpress division has grown so much over the past 50 years and more of our trucks are being used in the vacuum industry for more than just servicing restrooms and septic tanks VacuumXpress was born. VacuumXpress builds trucks and trailers that service septic, grease traps, rendering, oil field and slurry/wash pits.

Visit VacuumXpress


Monochem was recognized worldwide as one of the pioneers of chemical deodorizers for the Aviation, RV & Marine industries. The Monochem brand has been synonymous with superior quality and performance for more than 55 years. With the introduction of the original line of T-5 products, Monochem established itself as the industry leader in the area of mobile toilet deodorizers.

Visit Monochem


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