The 4Men meets all men wishes when it's about using a portable urinal at an event. The time where it was not easy to handle the drinking glasses is over. Indeed, the 4Men has been built with specific places to put the drinking glasses to offer a more pleasnt experience to the end-user. Accomodating up to 4 people at once, it avoids big queues and increases the waste capacity without the need of transporting additional toilets to the event site. An added advantage is that your other event toilets will stay cleaner for a longer period of time during the event. Easy-to-maintain and easy-to-transport , the two halves can be separated and nest into each other, allowing up to 5 4Men per pallet. Finally, offer more privacy to the end-users thanks to the screens that you can fix on the top of the urinal (optional). Available in Europe only.

Main features:

  • Hook for dry lifting
  • Plug for suction hose
  • Place to put the drinking glasses
  • Forklift pockets for easy handling
  • 5 stackable
  • Childlock
  • Rod with hex Head bolts
  • Spot for hand sanitiser dispenser
  • Plug for garden hose connection to sewer
  • Colour: granite


  • Privacy screen (20 cm high) to put on the top (optional)

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  • Hand Pump Features

    • Hand pump is positioned on tank for simple user operation
    • Easy access to pump for operator repair at job sites
    • Fully sealed, heavy duty rubber encasement of pump
    • Hand pump assembly does not require base modification to install

    Foot Pump Features

    • Hands free user operation
    • Discreet positioning of pump in the unit
    • Fully sealed, heavy duty rubber encasement of pump

    Western Flush Bowl Features

    • Easy to install bowl
    • Lowest cost to retrofit and maintain
    • Fits all Satellite and most competitors restrooms
    • Crack resistant plastic, made of high density polyethylene
    • Enhanced vertical shape of bowl expedites waste exit
    • Waste is well hidden (side exit in bowl)
    • Re-circulating flush; hoses remain in tank

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