US sourced & Products stocked in Europe

What does it mean that a product is US sourced?
This product is currently made in the US and not stocked in Europe or not in large quantities. The reason for that is simply because you, our customer, hasn’t had a big demand for this product (yet). But we want to be able to offer you as many options as possible, so if you like a particular product, for example from our Polyportables product line, we can bring it in for you on our next stock container. We have containers leaving all the time and they get to Europe in record time, much faster than you would think.

Call our Customer Service or Sales Team to find out more. This way we can both allow you to get what you like, but stock locally the products that we sell the most often, and stock more of those high sellers, so nobody has to wait.

If over time the demand changes, like recently for pink Maxims, we will of course start to stock these products in our local European warehouses too then. What we stock and how much is purely demand driven which means you, the customer, decide!

Call for more information: +27 87 551 0863